What is technical veneer?

- Mar 20, 2020-

What is technical veneer?


Refers to recycled veneer, which is an "upgraded version" of natural wood. The selected raw materials are logs, which are produced into a technical veneer after a series of design, dyeing, reconstruction, insect removal treatment, and high temperature and pressure.


The technical veneer has the following advantages:

 First of all, the treated technical veneer has a smooth surface and is not only rich in color, but also can satisfy the requirements of different decoration places and the texture preferences of the majority of purchasers.

    Second, all kinds of rare and precious woods can be restored, so that many consumers can complete the desire to move home all kinds of extinct tree products without having to bear expensive expenses.

    Again, the transformation of the original wood defects can be completed. The original unavoidable defects such as discoloration and wormholes of natural wood can also be overcome with the help of technology, which better guarantees and optimizes the combination of technical wood and natural wood.

    Therefore, to sum up, the technical veneer has the saying that "originating from nature is better than nature".


Technological veneer and natural veneer each have their own advantages. The choice of which one can be used can be determined according to the actual design and customer preferences.