7 Categories Of Hotel Furniture Trends To Watch

- Dec 20, 2019-

Think calm, serene colors, textures over patterns, storytelling themes and innovative use of space. According to Hotel News Now, hotel trends include green practices—something CXD has long prioritized by using reusable packaging and sourcing locally.


When it comes to hotel furniture trends, below are some noteworthy items
• Repurposed and handcrafted furniture. Along the lines of sustainability trending in the hospitality industry at large, hotels are seeking to reduce and reuse, and this includes the furniture they purchase.


• Locally sourced products. Furniture designers are cutting down on shipping from overseas, with an eye on both economic viability and environmental benefits. Greatly cutting down on shipping costs, this will also in turn affect the shipping and freight industry.

• Scaled down furniture designs. Technology will encourage more space efficient, minimal furniture designs just as flat screen TVs lessened the need for large, bulky pieces of furniture such as armoires.

• Natural hues and neutral tones. Warm, inviting tones such as modern grays will continue to permeate hotels.

• Soothing elements. Along with soothing colors will be soothing patterns. Rather than high contrast graphics, expect to see subtle, calming graphics and touchable textures. Think warmth and comfort.

• Indoor/outdoor spaces will intermingle. This means a lot of hotel furniture will take on natural materials with more of an earthy look and feel.

• Furniture “mash-up.” Traditional furniture design will playfully contrast with more contemporary furniture to create fresh, unexpected spaces.

Hotel lobby decorated with aluminum ceilings

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