Apartment New Interior Furniture Case Show Part 2

- Jul 18, 2019-

As we introduced yesterday as the same sample room, today we take a closer look at the internal details.

Although the apartment is a short-term residence, its basic furniture, such as sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, TV cabinets, etc. are essential.

The furniture shown in the picture is also the most practical life requirement. But what we need is a life attitude, and life needs to be wonderful. This design is a good example.



This time we did not show the bedroom, but instead showed the cloakroom.

What do you think is different from the style of the living room?

Just now we said that life needs attitude and needs to be wonderful. The closet and shoe cabinet in this cloakroom are made of teak wood grain MDF panels. The floor is covered with wood-patterned tiles.

In this way, the style is unified, the overall cost is appropriate, and it is in line with the positioning of the apartment.



There are many styles of design, we can always help you achieve what you want.

Inside the hotel/apartment project, we offer furniture and metal work for you to choose from.

What we hope more is that you have the design and we will help you achieve it. This is the direction of our customized efforts.