Benefits Of Glass Curtain Wall

- Apr 01, 2019-

    Glass curtain wall combines architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural structure and other factors organically. It is not only simple in shape, luxurious and modern, but also reflects the surrounding scenery and has a good decorative effect. It also combines the wall with the window, which greatly reduces the weight of the building. It has the advantages of light weight, strong decoration and easy installation and construction. The inner side of the outer glass of curtain wall is coated with colorful metal coating. From the appearance, the whole outer wall is like a mirror, which reflects the scenery of the sky and the surrounding environment. 

    It has abundant elevation changes, which make the buildings present different tones from different angles. When the light changes, the images are colorful and changeable, giving people a lot of inspiration. 

    Dynamic beauty. Glass curtain wall, as the mirror glass of building exterior wall decoration, can absorb infrared rays, reduce the solar radiation entering the room, and reduce the indoor temperature. It can reflect light as a mirror and pass through light as glass. Reflected by light, the interior is not illuminated by strong light, and the vision is soft.

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