Choose Hotel Furniture According To Hotel Type

- Apr 02, 2019-

    The existing hotel types are divided into: business hotel, vacation hotel, long-stay hotel, conference hotel, sightseeing hotel, economy hotel, chain hotel, apartment hotel, etc. Their types and functions are different, and the hotel furniture used is also different.

1. Business Hotel Furniture: Business Hotel mainly receives customers engaged in business activities, while hotel furniture mainly serves business activities. Guests staying in business hotels have higher requirements for hotel furniture allocation, requiring the hotel to be close to the city or business center. Its passenger flow is generally not affected by the season and produces great changes. Business hotels have complete facilities and perfect service functions.

2. Holiday Hotel furniture. The resort hotel mainly receives vacation guests, and is built near the seashore, hot springs and scenic spots. It operates seasonally. Holiday hotel furniture owners are some more perfect entertainment furniture equipment.

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3. long stay hotel. Long-stay hotels provide long-term accommodation for tenants. This kind of hotel rooms mostly adopt family-style structure. Furniture mainly consists of matching furniture. The larger rooms can be used by one family, while the smaller rooms can only be used by one person. It provides not only general hotel services, but also general family services.

4. conference hotel. Conference Hotel is a hotel that receives conference visitors mainly. Besides accommodation and entertainment, it also provides transfer station, conference material printing, video camera, tourism and other services for conference delegates. Furniture facilities (large and small conference rooms, simultaneous interpretation equipment, projectors, etc.) and full-featured entertainment facilities are required.

5. sightseeing hotels. Mainly for tourists, mostly built in tourist spots, business characteristics not only to meet the needs of tourists to eat and live, but also require public hotel furniture facilities to meet the rest of tourists. Make tourism life rich and colorful, get spiritual and material enjoyment.

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6. Economical hotels: Economical hotels are mostly prepared for travelers with low price and convenient service. It is characterized by fast coming and going, fast overall rhythm, and high-end hotel furniture configuration to achieve the mutual benefit of accommodators and businessmen.

7. Chain Hotels: Chain hotels can be said to be the boutique hotels, such as Motel, home and other well-known brands, occupying a growing market share. The choice of hotel furniture is based on simple style, practicality and easy cleaning.

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