Common Materials Knowledge Of Furniture-Artificial Board

- Oct 18, 2019-

(1) Glue splint

The glued splint is made of laminated veneer and glue, and is generally pressed and cross-pressed. The purpose is to enhance the intensity. Generally, the thickness of 12 PCT or more is required to be 9 or more layers, and 10 PCT thick and 5 layers or more. There are 4 types of glued splints according to category, namely, weather resistant and moisture resistant plywood is Class I, water resistant plywood is Class II, moisture resistant plywood Class III, and moisture resistant plywood Class IIII. Different types of prices have large differences and should be selected according to different purposes.

Dimensions are: 915*1220, 915*1830, 915*2135, 915*2440, 1220*1220, 1220*1830, 1220*2135, 1220*2440

The thickness is: 3, 3.5~20.

(2) Blockboard

The joinery is made up of core panels, and the two outer surfaces are glued to each other. The nail holding force of this board is higher than that of plywood and particle board. The dimensions are as follows:

915*915, 915*1830, 915*2440, 1220*2440, 1220*1220, 1220*1830

The thickness is 5~30 and so on.

The price of this board is more expensive than plywood and particle board. It is suitable for high-end cabinet products, and the processing technology is similar to traditional solid wood.

(3) honeycomb panel

The honeycomb panel can also be called honeycomb paper, which is processed into a honeycomb shape by about 200g kraft paper, and the stretchable stretch product is divided into three grades A, B and C. Its advantages are: light weight, not easy to deform, but it must be used alone in combination with MDF or particle board. Particularly suitable for anti-deformation large span countertops. Or the core of the tidal deformation. However, it is cold or hot pressed during production, so production efficiency is low.

(4) Fiberboard

The fiberboard is formed by hot pressing of wood through fiber separation. It is divided into high density and medium density by density. Usually used as medium density fiberboard, the specific gravity is about 0.8. Its advantage is that the surface is smooth, easy to paste Boeing film, glue adhesive cloth, not easy to absorb moisture deformation, the disadvantage is that the effective drilling times are less than the particle board, the price is 5~10% higher than the particle board.

(5) Flame retardant board

The flame retardant board is mainly composed of industrial magnesium oxide raw materials, and the binder is a resin material, so the cost is low, and the flame retardant board is also called a non-combustible board. Its processing properties are similar to particleboard and MDF. No water absorption, soaking for 12 hours without any problems.

One type of flame retardant board is mainly made of gypsum raw material, and also has non-combustible flame retardancy, but the moisture absorption is poor, and the local part is easy to expand, and the drilling and nailing are not good.

The other type is silicic acid board, which also has flame retardant properties, but the weight is 1.5 times heavier than the magnesium oxide non-flame retardant board. The nail holding power is not good, and the strength and cost of the load-bearing structural parts are high.

(6) Aluminum-plastic board, beauty board

The plate is a composite material. The surface of the aluminum-plastic plate is mounted on the plastic plate with aluminum plate, and the other is vacuum-aluminized for the main plastic plate. The two types are similar in cost and function.

The beauty board is a category of aluminum-plastic board. In addition to the aluminum sheet of the plastic board, it also processes various art patterns by molding (ie, the difference in texture design).

The aluminum-plastic panel features fire-proof, light weight, and can also be shaped and bent. Disadvantages: the price is higher. The nail holding power is poor, the connection can only be glued or clamped, so only some products can be used.

(7) Particleboard

The particle board is mainly made by wood cutting through a certain temperature and hot pressing of the rubber. The wood cutting is divided into veneer wood cutting, bagasse, wood shavings and other main ingredients. The general quality particleboard is made of wood shavings, which consists of a core layer, an outer layer and a transition layer. The outer surface layer contains a high amount of glue, which can increase the nail holding force, moisture resistance and sanding treatment. The processing of the particle board uses the rubber compound and a certain solvent, so it contains a certain amount of benzene chemical substances, and E0 and E1 are classified according to their contents. The E2 grade particleboard also contains moisture-proof particleboard, which is slightly higher than the ordinary particleboard.

(8) Foam board

The foaming board is mainly foamed and formed by one of PP, ABS, EPS and EVA. Due to cost reasons, PS and EVA are mostly in the foaming board. The foamed board can be used for sound insulation, push pin insertion and the like. It is especially suitable for structural parts with low strength and is used when the load is low.

The bonding of foam board to Boeing film and cloth should be done with proper glue and different process parameters, otherwise there will be foaming.

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