Common Materials Knowledge Of Furniture-Electrical Accessories

- Oct 24, 2019-

(1) Electric lifting mechanism

At present, there are many types of lifting mechanisms that combine electrical components with furniture. A display lifting mechanism, which is a device that drives a gear to move up and down along a straight tooth. It consists of a control switch, an up and down stroke switch, a motor, and a transmission. Generally, it is a vertical lift 15 and 17 inch LCD monitor. The organization pre-embeds the computer floor, microphone interface, etc., for extension external parts. This facility can be installed on furniture such as desks, conference tables, and training stations. The price is high, and the price is similar to the display. The lifting stroke is about 35~45mm.


(2) remote control mechanism

This mechanism is used in the electric blinds in the screen partition wall. The mechanism is composed of a remote controller, a receiver, a motor, a power source and a switch. The stroke and the width of the louver can be designed by the customer. Different manufacturers have certain restrictions.

In addition to lifting, the remote control mechanism also has a flip angle to achieve the purpose of controlling the louver swing.


(3) rocker device

Such products are beginning to be used in furniture, such as desktop inserts and screen inserts. The desktop has a single plug, two plug to 12 plug, each socket hole is composed of one module, it has two power plugs, three power plugs, four pins for phone, network 7 pin, microphone plug, video plug, earphone Plug in and so on. Desktop plug-in flip type, lift type, free placement three categories.

The screen plug is installed on the outer cover of the screen cable trough, and pre-installed modules similar to the desktop plug, which reduces the use of the process due to different manufacturers' sockets affecting the cabling capacity.

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