Common Materials Knowledge Of Furniture-Glass Product

- Sep 27, 2019-

(一)plate glass

The flat glass is made of silicate raw material, melted into a liquid through a high temperature furnace at 1300 degrees, and formed on the surface of tin water, commonly known as floating glass. Due to the difference in raw material formula and process parameters, the appearance of flat glass is divided into three types: blue glass, white glass and colored glass. The thinner the plate glass is made (less than 3mm), the more difficult it is, and the too thick (more than 15mm) is also difficult. Therefore, the two are expensive in the market.

The flat glass is made of diamond (that is, ordinary glass knives) and cut with high-speed water. After cutting, the sides of the glass can be edged, such as straight edges, beveled edges, rounded edges, duckbills, and drilled holes. high.

The surface of the flat glass can also be matte (both chemical and mechanical), silk screen painting, baking varnish, engraving treatment, different surface treatment process prices are different, roughly from high to low: frosted, spray paint, silk screen paint, engraving.


(二)Process glass

Here, we focus on the processing method of flat glass. In addition to the edging process mentioned above, the flat glass can also be subjected to hot bending, tempering, bonding, etc., so that the "plane" becomes a "stereoscopic" effect.

Hot bending: When the flat glass starts to soften at about 500 °C, it can be deformed by gently pressing with a mold. Different factories and equipment are inconsistent during the hot bending process. The hot-bent flat glass should be edging or sandblasted first. deal with.

Tempering: refers to the glass is subjected to rapid cooling at around 900 °C. Its characteristics: there is no sharp angle after the glass is broken, and the temperature resistance of the glass is increased to 300 ° C without cracking, and its strength is also greatly improved by about 10 times.

Bonding: It refers to the use of UV glue, which is cured by ultraviolet light. After bonding, the glass can withstand more than 200kg of tensile force. The bonding material can be made of glass glass or glass metal, but the glue and process are different to make qualified products.

The cost of the above three processing methods is from high to low: tempering, hot bending, and bonding.

(三)Art processing glass

Here, we will focus on the art processing methods and effects of flat glass, and we will have a certain artistic effect on glass treatment.

Scrub effect: mechanical matte is used in the flat glass. The actual effect is that the matte sand is too thick and easy to start with hand marks, while the chemical scrub is made by soaking with fluorine and other syrup. The advantage is that no handprint, sand and fineness are produced, and the process can be combined with the silk surface to make various patterns and characters.

Embossing effect: embossing adopts various patterns and patterns in the mold, and uses glass to reach the hot bending deformation temperature and is formed by machine pressing. At present, there are many kinds of patterns, and you can also design your own embossing. The embossed glass is a special type of hot bending.

Spraying effect: There are two kinds of spraying effects, one is transparent color effect and the other is monochrome opaque effect. Spraying is essentially the effect of adding a glass etchant to the color. It does not change the surface of the glass and does not involve the nature of the glass structure.

Baking effect: the surface of the glass is painted. In order to improve the adhesion of the paint layer, the sprayed glass should be baked in an oven to achieve a permanent adhesion effect.

Baked flower effect: The pattern is printed by a transparent film and adhered to the surface of the glass. After baking at a high temperature, the film is carbonized, and the pattern and text are left on the surface.

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