Common Materials Knowledge Of Furniture-Paints

- Oct 22, 2019-

(1) Wood lacquer

Spraying solid wood surface provides protection and aesthetics. Solid wood spraying generally passes through two primers, a top coat, a low-cost PE paint for primers, and a PU paint for topcoats. The topcoat has a different effect of highlight, light, matte or matte.

The bottom paint can be adjusted according to different product designs. If the original color is used, it is mainly made of transparent paint; if you want to see the wood grain, but you don't want the wood color, you can mix it with wood grain deep or light. .

There is a special paint in wood lacquer: UV lacquer, which is a photocurable unsaturated resin that is polymerized by light to form a saturated resin. The lacquer finish is the hardest of all wood lacquers and has the best weatherability. At the same time, the production efficiency is 10 times higher than that of PU and PE. However, the production process equipment is expensive. Wood lacquer processing is generally carried out using an air spray process.


(2) Iron paint:

Metal surface painting also has to go through multiple processes. Generally, it is necessary to remove oil and rust and phosphating before entering the painting process.

Metal painting is divided into air spraying, electrostatic spraying and magnetic spraying.

The air spraying is close to the wood spraying process, adding a low-temperature drying process. The paints are generally made of metal-effect paints (such as glittering silver, gold and silver, etc.), and the overall appearance is bright. It can also be sprayed with rubber paint and crack paint. The effect of the vertical paint and the artistic effect are strong. Air spray paint also has a disadvantage, the coating is easily broken, and on the other hand, it is easy to stick to dust. When the metal parts are damaged and rusted, the original battery effect is produced, and the degree of damage is high.

Electrostatic powder spray is also called spray plastic. Generally, the spray material is powder, polymer material such as epoxy resin, powder is not negatively charged, metal parts are positively charged, and the principle of electrostatic positive and negative phase suction is attached to the surface of the workpiece. It is covered by melting the resin powder at a temperature of 180 to 200 ° C. On the surface of the workpiece, the adhesion is better than that of the air spray, and the thickness of the coating is 0.3 to 0.4 mm. However, the disadvantage is that the surface leveling is poor, the color adjustment of the coating is difficult, and there are less than 10 colors to choose from. There are two special types of raw materials for electrostatic powder spraying. One is a fluorocarbon material, one is a non-stick fluororesin, and the metal surface is sprayed with a fluorocarbon resin. Since the resin is a composite powder of a fluorine material as a base material, and has a more binding force with carbon elements in the metal iron member, the spraying of such materials is called fluorocarbon.

The non-stick material fluororesin is sprayed on the surface of the metal parts to achieve smooth and non-bonding of any object. At the same time, the material is suitable for temperature resistance up to 300 ° C. It is an ideal coating for use in hygienic and high temperature environments. It is suitable for kitchen furniture and laboratory. Used in furniture.


(3) Glass paint

There are two types of glass lacquer materials, one is etched and the other is baked. The etched material is frosted on the glass when it is painted, and its artistic effect is many, and the color reaches thousands.

Baking glass paint, after spraying, should be cured by high temperature, which is similar to the effect of Chinese ceramics. It is also divided into two types: transparent and opaque. The construction process can also be carried out by silk screen printing, but the paint concentration is thicker.

(4) Aluminum paint

Aluminum lacquer is consistent with the principle of electrostatic powder spraying. The difference is that the aluminum material must be selected for coating type, and the appearance is not smooth. The oxidized aluminum coating has the best adhesion. However, the cost is high, and there is a kind of electrophoresis process on the surface of the aluminum material, and the subsequent process is also spray-sealed. Such paints are generally painted with transparent PU or PE, and also with magnetic paint.


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