Common Materials Knowledge Of Furniture-Rubber And Plastic

- Sep 25, 2019-

(一)Plastic parts

The application of plastic products in furniture is very common, and there are many types of materials: ABS, PP, PVC, PU, POM, PA, PMMA, PE, PS, PC, and different materials have different adaptation ranges.

ABS: Commonly used engineering plastics, can be used for connectors, seat backs, seat plates, which are the main raw materials for electroplating (water plating) in plastics.

PP: Common name polypropylene, used for five-star feet, handrails, foot pads and connectors with low strength requirements. Disadvantages: poor wear resistance and low surface hardness.

PVC: The common name is polyvinyl chloride, which is mainly used for edge-sealing parts and inserting conditions. It is suitable for extrusion molding, and PVC material is a non-combustible material in plastic parts, and the temperature stability of processing and molding is poor, especially the stability of color is not good.

PU: Common name polyurethane. Mainly used for handrail (foaming) accessories.

POM: The common name is Steel. Mainly used for wear parts such as foot pads, casters, door hinges, hinges, etc. Performance is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, but dimensional stability is poor.

PA: The common name nylon. It is mainly used as a place where the foot pad, the five-star claw, the caster and the like are wear-resistant and the life expectancy is high. Features: wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, high-strength indoor long service life, individual models such as PA66 high temperature resistance up to 2200, the disadvantage is that the sun is easy to change performance under the sun, easy to break, poor weather resistance.

PMMA:: Plexiglass (commonly known as Acrylic). There are five kinds of transparent materials in the plastic, and PMMA is one of the most transparent, the acetic acid taste when the workpiece is cut, the processing deformation is easy, and it can be shaped and bent by boiling water. Disadvantages: the surface is easy to scratch, the hardness is low, it is easy to crack when bent, and the price is 20% higher than ABS.

PC: Commonly known as polycarbonate. The variety is also a transparent material with high surface hardness, scratch resistance, strong impact resistance, high strength and good weatherability (ie not afraid of sunlight). The screen partition solar panel in the furniture is a hollow extrusion molding of this material. Features: high cost, about 40% higher than PMMA.

(二)Rubber parts

Most of the rubber varieties are formed by vulcanization process. The characteristics are: softness is good, and different hard and softness adjustments can be made. The shape can be complicated, and there is no case of demoulding. It is resistant to oil, acid, alkali and abrasion. Disadvantages: The color is more difficult to rough (especially dark to light). The hardness is limited, the surface is rough, unlike plastic, it can achieve mirror effect. However, the mold cost is low, the cycle is fast, the magnetic powder can be incorporated into the material production, and it is modified into a magnetic body to provide sound insulation and sealing.

The furniture industry uses rubber such as nitrile rubber and silica gel. Generally used in screen insulation strips, foot plugs, vacuum suction cup plugs, guide rail damping parts, etc.



Resin products currently have a major trend, and are increasingly used in furniture and building materials, such as artificial stone materials, artificial bathtubs, fire-retardant panels, glass steel and other products on the market. The resin is an unsaturated polymer chemical, and the raw material is mainly liquid, and is mixed with a curing agent in the formulation to cause polymerization to generate heat and solidify into a solid. It differs from plastic in that it cannot be used for crushing and recycling of workpieces. The cost price is similar to that of PP. The production process is also carried out by casting with a mold, but the mold is simple, and a wooden mold, a plaster mold, a rubber mold, or the like can be used. It is especially suitable for products with varied shapes, short cycle and low output. Among the furniture products, FRP is one of them.


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