Customized Design Or Will Become The Trend Of The Finished Furniture Industry

- Oct 28, 2019-

With the “customized heat” and “packaging heat” in the home building materials industry, the design capability has become the core competitiveness of the stores to seize the market. Excellent design team and design marketing expertise are the key to the profitability of the store. And because of the upgrading of consumer demand, more and more young people are willing to pay for “design,” which puts higher demands on decoration design. Competition in the end market has become a competition for design capabilities because of the existence of design dominance. Consumers need to design, like beautiful renderings, so the demand for home value has broken out. Buying materials in the home building materials store, if you can see the WYSIWYG matching effect chart, the transaction rate will be significantly improved.


From 2018 onwards, the frequency of organizing design training has increased and is more common. In addition to the furniture industry, most industries such as ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring, doors and windows are doing this. Regardless of the third party, or custom-developed, the design software can be used to design renderings, provide customers with design matching services, record customer's customized demand data, access massive products, submit orders, etc., and upload design works.

The design and marketing of furniture, although currently directly designed the finished furniture model, directly into the floor plan, does not directly design the finished furniture itself; but as this design trend is deeply rooted, it will undoubtedly indirectly promote Customized the design of finished furniture.

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