CXD Alibaba International Station Opened

- Oct 23, 2020-

CXD Alibaba International Station opened

After intensive preparation, CXD Alibaba International Station was officially opened. Welcome everyone to follow , give comments and look forward to your business support!


CXD Alibaba International Station is one of our online sales platforms, the purpose is to have a richer product display, more real-time online communication and perfect purchase methods.

At the same time, has received support from many overseas friends, and the inquiry is still continuing, but if it is a retail product, it will cause inconvenience. This problem can be solved on Alibaba.

We have our own factory with production and design capabilities. This is in line with the positioning of our hotel project and can be matched with it. At the same time, the factory has qualified qualification certification. We also provide one-stop service and strong coordination ability to provide customers with high-quality products and services.


On the new platform of CXD, in order to facilitate the browsing of all customers around the world, we have added a language selection bar, so that our products can be displayed to customers more conveniently.And these are difficult to achieve simultaneously in this website.


Alibaba CXD website enriches the detailed information of our products, including unit price budget, rich product pictures, videos, etc., so you can make purchases as easily as a shopping website, and can communicate with our customers in real time and answer your questions. Ask questions quickly. We will also display some new cases on the website to let you know us more quickly.


Seeing this, do you want to know the link to our Alibaba website as soon as possible? We look forward to this moment and are honored to share it with you. You only need to scan the QR code below, or click enter our official homepage.

By the way, if you want to browse more, you need Alibaba ID or Alibaba mobile APP.


We look forward to your visit to our Alibaba website and hope you can provide comments and suggestions for our website. If you are willing and like it, please remember to follow us on the website so that you can be notified of new information and products.