CXD Company Alibaba International Station Is Ready

- Oct 20, 2020-

CXD company 

Alibaba International Station is ready

The website has been open for several years. Inquiries on the website are mainly carried out through e-mail, and customers' purchase of products and services is still a traditional form of foreign trade. To this end, we have opened Alibaba International Station to enable customers to communicate and trade in real time, thereby making business easier.


As CXD's new display and sales platform, Alibaba International Station will better serve international customers and make their purchases easier and more direct. For new customers, paying at Alibaba will make their funds safe and secure, and we don’t have to worry about customer payment methods. This is also one of the ways to have a good customer service experience.


On the new service platform, we will have a dedicated person to provide you with services, and conduct detailed docking of the products or projects you need, allowing you to experience the professionalism of CXD and helping you find a suitable solution.


CXD is a content provider that provides one-stop products and services. The main products cover furniture, metal work, glass curtain walls, building materials, etc., which can meet the needs of your project. At the same time, we provide consulting services. We will make you satisfied during the design, measurement, production, transportation, installation, etc. of the project, and you only need to wait for the satisfactory results.


For engineering projects, installation is an annoying thing for owners. And we can provide overseas installation services under suitable circumstances, so that you can feel the speed of China. Take the Philippine market as an example. During 2010-2019, we completed the furniture installation of hotel projects and the installation of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls many times, which were recognized and praised by the owners and project managers.


With the opening of CXD on Alibaba International Station, we believe there will be more new development opportunities. This is a display platform, but it is more of a window to provide you with services. We hope that the CXD official website and the international sales platform can provide you with a better service experience.

We will announce the link of Alibaba International Station on the official website later, because this is an important thing for CXD. We need a meaningful day to announce, please pay attention to us. This time will come soon! look forward to!