CXD New Product Furniture

- Mar 12, 2020-

New products in the furniture industry are constantly updated every day, and we CXD must keep up with customer needs and continue to provide new options.

Beige and wood grain craft plywood for a natural and relaxed feel.

The streamlined shape highlights the requirements of the production process, with details you can reach at your fingertips.

How does this writing desk feel?

Is there a breath of nature and art?

The designer's idea is the harmony between man and nature. The combination of wood frame and leather has a sense of layering and richness.

The seat armrest adopts the new Chinese style, which has the feeling of being embraced. This style is widely accepted.

The big leather sofa will bring more fun to your life.

why? Imagine that after a day of work, when you return, you will see a large and comfortable sofa, lying on the sofa will relax you!

why? Think again, friends come together and have enough seating space to make you feel happier!

There are many styles of furniture, but what suits you will be special.

We are happy to provide you with this special product, whether it is custom made furniture, hotel furniture, apartment furniture, etc.

Custom-made furniture is our specialty, put forward your plan, we make it what you need.