Daily Management Of CXD Furniture Factory

- Jul 22, 2020-

CXD is a one-stop hotel/apartment project product supplier, with its own furniture factory, metal processing factory, building material factory and some long-term cooperative content suppliers. Committed to serving overseas markets, and successfully completed many engineering cases in Southeast Asia and other regions.

The furniture factory is an important part of us, we now look at the daily work situation.

The furniture material sample room has a variety of materials, such as cloth, leather, veneer, etc., which need to be updated frequently to provide customers with suitable choices.


The workshop environment is clean and tidy, providing good conditions for producing good products.



CXD's technicians will check the quality of the furniture according to the production schedule, find and deal with problems in time, so that the production quality is guaranteed and the product reject rate is reduced.



Customized furniture requires good communication between the customer and the factory in order to produce products that meet the requirements.

CXD has the ability and advantage to deal with this type of hotel custom furniture. Past cases have proved our ability.And the new case looks forward to cooperating with you.