Dining Table Combination With Attitude Towards Life

- Jul 19, 2019-

Our daily lives are inextricably linked to the use of the table.

Whether we are in a hotel, apartment or home, it has an indispensable presence.

We have a new table combination as shown below.


Does this style like it?

In this layout, in addition to the dining table, the dining chair has two styles.

One of the flat design seats, sitting for 5 people, allows guests to sit side by side and communicate more intimately.

The sponge cushion in the middle makes the ride comfortable, and do you think there is a Japanese tatami style?

The material of the sample is made of wood with high quality leather and the product grade is higher.

We can offer customized products, and our styles only provide you with better inspiration.

However, if you like these styles at first glance, we are happy to arrange, the price is of course very attractive.

Our CXD Group has a number of quality furniture companies that produce different types of furniture products.

You have a good design, I have good production conditions, all this, just waiting for your connection.