Five Criteria For Choosing Hotel Furniture

- Dec 05, 2018-

The hotel furniture we are familiar with generally includes: standard room furniture, suite furniture, presidential suite furniture. Generally speaking, no matter what the standard suite furniture is, its functional requirements and furniture composition are basically similar. It requires not only sleep and rest, but also the function of writing, as well as the storage of small pieces of luggage and other functions. Corresponding furniture is generally: set bed, desk, luggage cabinet, TV cabinet, leisure chair, tea table, bedside cabinet, etc. When choosing hotel room furniture, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Is the material reasonable?

Different Hotel furniture, surface materials are different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets are relatively strong in hard and miscellaneous materials and can bear weight, while other materials can be used for internal materials; the thickness of the legs of wardrobes can only reach 2.5 centimeters, which is too thick to be clumsy, too thin and easy to bend and deform; the cabinets of kitchens and bathrooms can not choose fiberboard materials, because fiberboard materials can be used for the cabinets of kitchens and bathrooms. When meeting with water, it will expand and damage. Triple board material should be chosen; water-resistant material should be chosen for dining table.

2. Whether the moisture content of wood exceeds the standard

The moisture content of hotel furniture should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is high, the wood is easy to warp and deform. Generally, when consumers buy, there is no testing instrument, so they can take the method of hand touch, touch the bottom of the furniture or the interior where there is no paint. If they feel damp, then the moisture content is at least 50%, which is totally useless. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted place of furniture wood. If there is no water immersion or the immersion is slower, the water content is higher.

3. Is the structure firm?

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, clothes hangers, can be dragged on the cement floor when they are selected and slightly dropped. If the voice is clear, the quality is better. If the voice is dumb, there is a loud murmur, it means that the mortise is not tightly combined and the structure is not strong. Writing desks and tables can be shaken by hand to see if they are stable. The sofa can sit for a while. If it squeaks and wrinkles when it is gently moved and shakes, it will not take long for the nails to work. The legs of square table, bar table, chair and so on should have four triangular clips, which play a fixed role. When choosing, you can turn the table and chair upside down and have a look. The cloth-wrapped chair can be touched by hand.

4. Whether the furniture feet are flat or not

This point can be seen in a flash on the flat ground. To see if the desktop is straight, without bowing back or collapsing waist, you can use a piece of glass to test. If the desktop is raised, the glass panels will rotate; if the desktop is concave, the glass panels will crush. Cabinet doors and drawers should not be too large, they should be horizontal and straight, and doors should not droop.

5. Lack of stitching for veneer furniture

Whether veneer veneer, PVC or pre-painted paper, we should pay attention to whether the leather is smooth, whether there are bulging, blistering, seamless phenomenon. Look into the light when checking, otherwise you can't see it. Fraxinus mandshurica veneer furniture is relatively easy to damage, generally can only be used for two years. As far as veneers are concerned, edged veneers are better than peeled veneers. The method of recognizing the two is to look at the pattern of wood, the veneer grain of planned wood is straight and dense, and the veneer pattern of rotary cutting is curved and sparse. The landing part of particleboard veneer furniture must be edged. Without edge sealing, the furniture will be damped by moisture absorption and swelling. Generally, it is easy to warp up the corner of veneer furniture. When selecting, you can button the corner with your hand. If you button it up, it shows that there is a problem with glue.