FURNITURE CHINA 2020 To Offer Digital Sourcing Under The New Normal

- Aug 21, 2020-

FURNITURE CHINA 2020 to Offer Digital Sourcing Under the New Normal

SHANGHAIAug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At the start of 2020 , a new development, COVID-19, overwhelmed the mode that most businesses used to be run upon. Physical meet-ups have been transformed into virtual ones. Following this new trend, the exhibition industry is showing its resilience towards adversity to fit in this new normal. Travel bans and flight suspensions caused by the pandemic have imposed huge obstacles in foreign trading, thus Digital Trade Show, part of FURNITURE CHINA 2020, hosted by Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets, is presented as a new strategy to help exporters and overseas buyers in this difficult situation by providing a platform for both parties to communicate online.

Digital Trade Show, shortened as DTS, is empowered by the online B2B platform JJGLE.COM with newly introduced features. DTS is planned to continue for three months from 8 August to 8 November 2020during which there will be an overlap with offline shows. This is carefully designed to create a sense of connectivity between online and offline shows. By the time DTS ends, most of the exhibitors will still be reachable online at JJGLE.COMwhich works 24/7 year round, thereby keeping everyone connected. About 1,000 exhibitors have confirmed participation at DTS and approximately 5,414 subscriptions and registrations have been received from outside China as of August 3, 2020, with continuous growth expected.

Following are some features one could experience at Digital Trade Show (shortened as DTS below).

-  Virtual Showroom

Exhibitors and their products are digitalized into pictures and videos to be showcased in their well decorated showrooms at DTS, welcoming everyone to go through them. Exhibitors are sorted by popularity on Exhibitors showroom page; alternatively filters are available there to navigate. New deals can be set up when the online RFQ is sent.

-  Online Video Meeting

1-on-1 video meeting provides real-time and face-to-face communication online at selected date and time, whether it's for existing partnership maintenance or promising deal follow-up. Exhibitor Live Stream provides as another way of shortening the distance and infusing more human feelings in this virtual place.

-  New Networking Opportunities

There is always something new out there. That's why trade shows matter. DTS covers highlights and activities at physical shows. Concerned people in the industry are welcome to engage in interaction with one another, and new network building opportunities are yet to be unveiled.

DTS represents trade shows' resilience in reacting to uncertainty. Some are most probably contemplating what actions to take, so that the impacts of the COVID-19 aftermath will be reduced, meanwhile boosting businesses in the new normal. DTS could be one of the useful tools to stimulate foreign trading. As mentioned above, it's supplementary for offline trade shows at unusual times, rather than a substitute, for this is a new era where both go forward shoulder to shoulder.

In any case, new changes need to be promoted. COVID-19 is just a factor, we will overcome and provide you with new products and services under the new situation.

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