Furniture Trend In 2019

- Jun 14, 2019-

Entering June 2019 will be half. Fashion is always changing. If you want to make great achievements in the home industry, it is vital to catch up with the trend.

Simple style, diversified colors and functional attention are the core of the furniture industry.

1. The color is no longer cold

At the end of last year, Coral Orange was rated as the popular color of 2019. In fact, it represents not only a popular color, but also a vigorous and positive attitude towards life.

Color affects people's moods, which inevitably makes people feel monotonous and boring. The bright, bright colors of orange, red, green and blue are warm and unrestrained, bright and dazzling, and more warm, adding a sense of humanity and vitality to a monotonous and boring life.


2. Functional trend

The beauty of the design will eventually return to the true nature of life. The trend of 2019, pragmatism will be synonymous with fashion furniture.

The people-oriented multi-functional design provides a convenient and comfortable experience for life, and will become the choice of people who are increasingly pursuing quality of life.


3. Simple and stylish

The concept of returning to life, both practical and fashionable, the design of simple style will naturally become a part of the trend.

The trend of furniture in 2019, whether it is the overall style or matching, strives for simplicity and wins with texture.


Through the shape of the product, space matching and veneer design, we create a simple, comfortable and beautiful living space for consumers.

Life comes from every detail of control, and warm and vivid spaces will be more popular. In 2019, a quiet, elegant, comfortable and simple furniture style is sure to be popular.