Happy Mid Autumn Festival !

- Sep 13, 2019-

If you think that only China has passed the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is a big mistake!

Today, Xiaobian will show you which countries have passed the Mid-Autumn Festival. What are their customs?


1, Japan

Unlike the Chinese who eat moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Japanese eat glutinous rice dumplings during the moon-watching season, which is also called the moon. At the same time, due to the harvest season of various crops during the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to express gratitude for the grace of nature, the Japanese also held various celebrations. The Japanese also inserted a plant called Miscanthus into a vase. This is also the tradition of the Japanese who have "five nights". It is said that Miscanthus has some magical power and can bring good luck to people.


2, South Korea

For Koreans, the Mid-Autumn Festival may be a more important holiday than the Spring Festival. Therefore, they will not only have a holiday of nearly five days, but also will stage a Mid-Autumn Festival returning like the Chinese Spring Festival returning home. Tickets for train tickets and buses are very difficult to purchase. Highway traffic jams are also a very common problem.

At the same time, the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the whole family will wear new clothes. It turned out to be a traditional costume hanbok to wear, and in recent years, buying a new dress, or simply omitting it is not a small number.

3. Singapore

The most unique thing is that they will perform a large-scale gardening event such as a lantern on this day. On this day, you will see many children carrying lanterns in Singapore. The traditional moon cakes in Singapore are no different from those in China, but there is a big difference in taste and color. The most local moon cake in Singapore is durian. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is also a tradition to exchange moon cakes to express gratitude, usually a moon cake in a fine package, or a homemade moon cake.

4, Thailand

Since it is a holiday, the mooncakes are of course a must. At the same time, Thai people must eat grapefruit in the Mid-Autumn Festival, because the Mid-Autumn Festival is just the season of grapefruit market, the grapefruit is big and round, also symbolizes "reunion."

5. India

Indians call the Mid-Autumn Festival "Mingyue Festival", also known as "Diwali". On the full moon night of the Moon Festival, young Indian women will have mud tanks on their heads and slowly climb the sand dunes to pray for the harvest of the grain and the prosperity of the six animals.

6, Myanmar

The Burmese will have a big light on the "Full Day" in August to celebrate the "Huanming Festival". On the night of the festival, Wanjia’s lights are bright and white, and everywhere is “no nights in urban and rural areas”.

7. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's definition of the Mid-Autumn Festival may be different from the traditional Chinese concept once a year. In Sri Lanka, each month's full moon is a festival called the "Moon Festival." At the annual Lunar Festival in February, there is also an exclusive name called Navam, which is also one of the most important monthly festivals of the year.

8. Laos

Laos called the Mid-Autumn Festival a "moon festival." When the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, men, women and children also have the custom of enjoying the moon. At night, young men and women danced and wanted to go all night.


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