Happy New Year 2021!

- Jan 01, 2021-

Happy New Year 2021

2020 is a very special year. COVID-19 has spread throughout the year and continues to this day.

We cannot make any outstanding contributions to the epidemic, but we can start with small things, wear masks, and take defensive measures. 

The work of CXD2020 has been greatly affected by the epidemic, but we are also working hard to change to adapt to the new working conditions in the new environment.

We opened CXD Alibaba International Station is one of the measures.

This website has received support from customers and friends. It has already received orders from Israeli customers within 2 months of its launch. This is the result of our efforts and the process of optimizing our engineering project products.

The past hotel-style customized furniture is now available to more customers through the Internet. And the development of conventional products also provides customers with more preferential solutions.

Hope always needs to be achieved through hard work! We believe that through hard work, everything is possible!

There will be more new challenges in the new year, and CXD will work harder to serve customers.

Today is a new day, and we sincerely wish the world a Happy New Year!

2021 happy new year