Hotel Furniture Design Trends: Fit For Purpose

- Dec 12, 2019-

coloring scheme

When considering color schemes at hotel receptions, key decision makers need to adhere to brand guidelines and values to ensure that specific colors are synonymous with hotel brands.



reception area

The hotel's reception area is the most crowded of all the hotel's spaces, so furniture in the lobby (such as chairs, tables, and sofas) is more prone to wear due to frequent use.

Unlike many other consumer-facing businesses, a customer can pass through the door of a hotel at anytime of the day. Therefore, the window for cleaning and preserving furniture is much narrower, and this should be highly considered when purchasing products.



Modular furniture offers special flexibility in the hotel reception area. It's flexible enough to bend in awkward corners, and some areas are equipped with upholstered tables that can stand alone or sit between chairs. This means that the look and feel of the reception desk can be changed without completely refurbishing the space, and furniture can be customized to maximize the use of available space.


This kind of furniture has multiple functions, so it is very suitable for the hotel lobby. According to the hotel's target market, the reception area can be used for meetings or as a leisure place for social places. Hotel lobby is rarely used alone for check-in. For example, it turns out that softer stools and poufs take up very little space and are therefore popular in hotel reception areas, but can be embellished around the lobby to provide comfortable seating when customers are waiting to check in or presenting their room .

Athenee Residence Bangkok06

Another design trend we noticed is the use of oversized high-back chairs in hotels because they are soundproof and provide a secluded waiting area for customers. This means that customers feel they have their own space while waiting to be seen by others or just relaxing at the hotel reception.


Finding a balance between functionality and the latest design trends and finding a satisfying medium may mean simply changing the color of the walls or updating soft furnishings; it is also a relatively low cost but can The reception area remains modern and vibrant.


The theme that runs through the hotel's latest interior design trends is that companies are constantly seeking to make better use of available space while ensuring that style stays up-to-date. No matter what space you use, it is important for businesses to remember that designs and styles can change without having to refurbish or buy new items.


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