How To Build Environment-friendly Hotel Furniture

- Apr 15, 2019-

    We have always advocated "environmental protection." Whether in the decoration industry or the furniture industry, the demand for environmental protection is the most direct. We hope that environmental protection is more than just a slogan. We must really start from the reality and shape the green hotel furniture.

    Beautiful hotel furniture will definitely illuminate people's vision and bring a good mood, but while paying attention to the appearance, we can't ignore its interior. Some poor quality, environmentally friendly furniture will only damage our physical and mental health.

    In recent years, the pollution rate of hotel furniture has remained high. Improper selection of certain plates, finishes, glues and topcoats will inevitably lead to the release of toxic substances; isolated formaldehyde, binders and toxic solvents in wood-based panels can cause adverse reactions when applied to the human body temporarily.

    However, it has not received widespread attention, so it has become a major source of indoor pollution, which poses a serious threat to people's health. Some manufacturers, especially some high-end hotel furniture coatings, use raw materials as paint brushes. These materials contain urushiol, which is corrosive and toxic to human skin and can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions.

    Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional hotel furniture supplier, our CXD company is your wise choice. We have many years of experience in the hotel furniture industry and our products are very popular with our customers. The choice of multiple hotel projects is a proof.

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