How To Choose Fabric Sofas And Leather Sofas.

- Nov 12, 2019-

Fabric sofa purchase points:

1. See if the sofa frame is strong, which is related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. The specific method is to lift one end of the three-person sofa. Note that when the lifting part is separated by 10 cm, the leg of the other head is off the ground, and only the other side is also off the ground, and the inspection is passed.

2. Look at the quality of the filling material of the sofa. The specific method is to press the armrest and the backrest of the sofa by hand. If the presence of the wooden frame can be clearly felt, it proves that the filling density of the sofa is not high and the elasticity is not good enough. The sofa frame that is easily pressed can also accelerate the wear of the sofa cover and reduce the service life of the sofa.

3. Test the resilience of the sofa. The specific method is to let the body sit on the sofa in a free-falling manner, and the body is bounced at least twice by the sofa cushion to ensure that the sofa is elastic and has a longer service life.

4, pay attention to the sofa details. Open the zipper of the matching pillow, observe and touch the inner lining and filling by hand; lift the sofa to see if the bottom is treated carefully, whether the sofa legs are straight, whether the surface treatment is smooth, and whether there are anti-slip mats and other details on the bottom of the legs. The quality of a good sofa is also refined in the details.

5, feel the surface of the sofa by hand, whether there is a phenomenon of irritating the skin, observe whether the fabric of the whole part of the sofa is uniform in color, whether the joint parts are firm and flat, and the workmanship is fine.


The main point of purchasing leather art sofa: how to judge whether it is leather?

Hand touch: that is, touch the surface of the leather with your hand. If it is smooth, soft, full, and elastic, it is the leather. Generally, the artificial, synthetic leather has a blemish, a rigid plate, and the softness is poor. At the same time, due to the surface filming, the air permeability is poor.

Seeing: The dermis is pure natural, the surface is concave and convex with clear pores and patterns, and the yellow cowhide has relatively fine pores.

Smell: All leather has a leather smell; artificial leather has a strong plastic taste due to artificial spraying.

Ignition: After the fiber is ignited, it is the artificial leather that emits a pungent odor and forms a sputum;

Endurance: Artificial leather has a certain age and is easy to fade, easy to weather and fall off, and even leather, there is no such defect.


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