How To Choose Leisure Chairs For Hotel Furniture?

- Dec 05, 2018-

Well-known hotel rooms generally include standard rooms, suites, presidential suites. Generally speaking, no matter what the standard room is, its functional requirements and the composition of hotel furniture are basically similar. It requires not only sleep and rest, but also the function of writing, as well as the function of storing small pieces of luggage. The corresponding hotel furniture generally includes: beds, desks, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, leisure chairs, tea tables, bedside cabinets, etc. Today we will talk about the choice of leisure chairs:

Some studies have found that hotel leisure chairs are uncomfortable when they are too high or too short. In the office, some chairs can adjust their height according to their needs, but many of them can not adjust their height. We measured it randomly. Some chairs were 40 centimeters high, some 42 centimeters high, and some 44 centimeters high. The average height was about 42 centimeters. It can be seen that the height of the chairs was not fixed. How high is the chair? Is there a standard? The existing state stipulates that the seat height of chair and stool furniture is 400 mm, 420 mm and 440 mm. This is also a standard formulated according to the physiological structure of most people. But when units order chairs, they are all set according to one standard. Normally, no unit has customized the seat height.

According to the latest information, when adjusting the height of the recreational chair, you should stand up, one step away from the chair, adjust the lever so that the highest point of the chair seat is just below the knee bone, so that when you sit down, you can achieve the most perfect posture, that is, your feet can be flat on the ground, your knees bend at a right angle.

And this secret has also been supported and recognized by many hotel furniture experts. When a person sits down, two right angles should be formed between the spine and buttocks, thighs and legs, which is most conducive to the health of bones. The height of the chair is not suitable for oneself. In addition to whether it is located below the knee bone, it is also necessary to see whether it is at a right angle. Under this double standard, it is the most suitable height.

However, for those hotel furniture seats that can not adjust the height, how can we achieve a suitable height in line with human function? Shandong Shuangshan teaches you a method, if the chair is short, you can cushion things on the chair, so that the thighs and legs are at right angles. If the chair is high, you can put something under your feet to ensure two right angles.