How To Maintain Curtain Wall Glass

- Dec 05, 2018-

Glass is an important part of curtain wall, and glass is a vulnerable part, so management and protection are very important.

Wide circulation of air in preserved areas is necessary. Especially in the period of high temperature and cycle temperature, more attention should be paid. If conditions do not permit them to be stored indoors, they should be covered with tarpaulin or plastic to prevent wind-blown rain and inflow of water, and should be regularly opened to check whether water condensation.

Glass must be covered with an opaque shield and must not be stored directly in the sun. All kinds of glass should be stacked upright at an angle of 5-7 degrees in the vertical direction and leaned against a solid straight wall. The top and bottom edges of all glass should be padded with felt and separated with protective cardboard or other felt. If the glass is flat, the surface must be covered with felt to prevent dust, sand, glass or other contaminants.

Protection during construction. In construction, bright flags, colored ribbons, etc. are usually hung near the glass or attached to the front of the window frame, side columns or windowsills to mark the space where the glass is installed. Never let the rope touch the glass directly, and do not let the mark or paint directly on the glass surface. If welding, cutting sand blasting or other construction techniques that may damage the glass are used near the glass, plywood or plastic sheets must be used as a tight isolation layer to prevent their influence. Even damaged glass.