Ideas 2020 Furniture Trend Analysis

- Sep 08, 2020-

Ideas 2020 furniture trend analysis

It’s no secret that the right furniture can reshape a room. Whether you choose a unique custom piece or keep it simple through popular retailers' fashion choices, it all has to do with finding furniture that matches your design aesthetic. Today, I will introduce you to the top furniture trends of 2020, from sculpture furniture to European style details, some insights from the designer are enough to decorate your home with the furniture you dream of.


01 Natural materials

People began to require the use of new materials and natural and organic materials in the designs of designers. Everyone regards this change as the next wave of environmental awareness initiatives.

02 French modern design

So far, the most-seen furniture trend is the revival of French modern design. You can see round shapes in interior furniture, and irregular shapes in mirrors and accessories.

03 Eco-friendly furniture

The focus on sustainability and waste reduction has led to the emergence of environmentally friendly furniture, and everyone will see more furniture next year. Furniture designers are using materials such as concrete and bamboo to unleash their creativity to produce eye-catching and inspiring works.


04 Gustav and painted garden furniture

Pretty is back! Everyone is moving from more Fauvist works to beautifully lined and beautiful furniture, such as Gustavian style or exquisite painted garden furniture.


05 Rattan and Wicker

Rattan and wicker are reviving. It warmly reminds you of your childhood, whether it's on a chair, a table or under the light, it has changed in new and exciting ways. It is the perfect choice to balance modern and traditional styles.

06 Sculpture furniture

The trend of using unusual and unique furniture is growing, and designers believe that this kind of furniture will continue to grow in 2020. Some furniture will create sculptural moments. These furniture are made of organic fabrics, such as terry, wool, canvas, sisal and natural wood. Everyone wants something unique, but everyone should also pay attention to product quality, eco-friendliness and sustainability.

07 European style details

Furniture with European-style details is becoming popular. The influence of Germany and Italy can be found in the inclined arms of the sofa, the edge of the knife, the metal legs, etc. You can even see that traditional furniture brands are embracing the trend, offering European contours and characteristics for the first time.

08 Decorative Arts

Lighting is very important in any design. For 2020, you can expect to see an increase in modern lighting designs in French modern and Art Deco styles.


09 Personalized furnishings

All designs are cyclical, and now everyone sees the revival of 80s trends, such as curved sofas and other upholstered furniture. You have also seen individual decorations and proportioned furniture, such as oversized lamps.

10 Traditional details

As a person who appreciates the fusion of modern and classical elements, I am very happy to see the popularity of traditional lines rise again, and the details on furniture and decorative accessories are more complicated.