Radisson Blu Resort Maldives Wins The International Property Awards

- Dec 17, 2020-


Radisson Blu Resort Maldives wins ‘Best Hotel Architecture Maldives’     at the International Property Awards


The aim of the overall design of the resort was to allow guests to feel a constant connection to the surrounding environment, with extensive use of natural materials – such as wood and stone – in its architecture.  With the resort located in an unadulterated natural setting, the choice of materials used, particularly for the finishes, was crucial in ensuring the landscape was treated with the utmost respect.  Nature itself provided the inspiration, with the layout of the buildings coming together to form shapes akin to natural organisms.

Simple forms have been combined to form more complex and organic shapes, primarily expressed in the dramatic yet understated roofs of the buildings.

hotel furniture

In-keeping with the overall design philosophy, X.Pace employed the use of natural materials, like thatch and timber, in the design of the villas to complement the natural landscape, and columns in public spaces have been designed cladded in timber.

Exterior building colours have been deliberately kept relatively muted, with accent colours strategically placed, giving spaces a rustic yet elegant ambience.  The interiors, meanwhile, have a much more polished and contemporary look, offering a bold and direct contrast from the exterior.

hotel furniture

Striking geometry and symmetry is employed throughout Radisson Blu Resort Maldives – not just in the architecture, but also in the details of each aspect of the design.  In particular, the Event Hall differs in its design language from the rest of the island, with its white colour and striking geometric shape.  The Event Hall also boasts spectacular 360 views across the shimmering turquoise sea and has a pyramidal skylight allowing daylight to flood the centre of the space, giving guests a glimpse of the clear blue sky above.

hotel lobby furniture

CXD has undertaken the hotel furniture part in this hotel project. We are also deeply honored to have won the award this time.

Hotel furniture is a highly customized category, and its design and production process are different from ordinary quantitative furniture production. The coordination of the process, sending samples and other tasks all test our service, and this time is also a recognition of our work and quality. We will continue to work hard to do more high-quality projects and look forward to cooperating with you.