The 126th Canton Fair - Architectural And Decorative Materials Exhibition

- Oct 17, 2019-

Are you participating in the 126th Canton Fair?




The first phase of the Canton Fair in the fall of 2019: October 15-19

Exhibition of household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, computer and communication products, large machinery and equipment, small machinery, hardware, tools, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, construction and decoration materials, sanitary facilities, lighting products, chemical products , vehicles (outdoor), construction machinery (outdoor), import exhibition area and other exhibition areas.


The trade fair of the Canton Fair is flexible and diverse. In addition to the traditional look-and-feel transactions, an online trade fair is also held. The Canton Fair is mainly engaged in export trade and also engaged in import business. It can also carry out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, as well as business activities such as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising and consulting. Merchants from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou to exchange business and enhance friendship.


Every year, there are many people attending the Canton Fair. We also met many customers in the Canton Fair.



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