The Difference Between Sofa Leather Art And Fabric

- Nov 08, 2019-

The advantages of the cloth sofa: the advantages of the cloth sofa are many, one is to become the protagonist of the living room culture.

1: The surface of the fabric sofa is made of various fabrics, and the breathability is better than the leather. Even if you sit still in the same position, the hips rarely appear hot, hot and itchy, and always feel more comfortable, can change to a certain degree and irritability.

2: The surface of the fabric sofa is cloth, not like some leather sofas, some leather parts are imitation leather, so it can give people a feeling of "real material" and "real price".

3: Fabric sofa is easy to clean. When cleaning the fabric sofa, just remove the cloth cover on the sofa surface, wash it and then put it back to ensure the thoroughness of the cleaning.

4: Fabric sofas are rich in color and many styles. They can create a variety of styles that are either romantic or sleek and simple. In such an environment, people will feel particularly relaxed.

5: Fabric sofas are more attractive than leather sofas and can be favored by more consumers.

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The advantages of leather sofas: leather sofas also have their own unique advantages, so that people have reasons to love it.

1: The leather sofa looks luxurious and extravagant, and it is almost essential living room furniture in private villas and big-handed mansions. The majesty and style of the leather sofa is unmatched by the fabric sofa.

2: The daily care of the leather sofa is more convenient. Usually only need to wring the wet towel and wipe the surface. Clean the treatment with a special detergent every quarter.

3: The texture of the leather sofa is very special, the flexibility and wear resistance are much stronger than the fabric sofa, giving people different enjoyment.

4: The life of the leather sofa is longer than that of the fabric sofa. If it is a leather sofa, the skin is more and more slippery. If it is properly maintained without accidental wear, there will be no cracking of the cortex, which can take a long time.

5: Nowadays, the style of the leather sofa is gradually becoming fashionable, more and more beautiful, and enjoying a high-grade life.


In short, they each have their own advantages. See you value the most, if you look at the grade, then choose the leather art sofa, if you pursue the change of style, then the fabric sofa is better.

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