What Details Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Hotel Bathroom Towel Rack?

- Nov 18, 2019-

1、Towel racks are going to last a long time, so let's see if the surface coating is good. In general, the brighter and more delicate the surface, the more uniform the color, the better the mirror effect, that is, the image is not deformed, and the plating process is better.


2、Pay attention to the material of the base. The base of the material determines the strength of the bearing capacity. Generally, the manufacturer is a zinc alloy material. If it is copper, see if it is made of national standard copper.


3、A good towel rack generally has an innocent appearance, and a touch can make a certain judgment on the quality of the pendant. Smooth touch and burr-free performance is a good surface treatment, especially at the corners.


4、A good towel rack, the material density is high, the weight will be relatively weighty, and the texture in the hand will be different.


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