What Is Sipi?

- Dec 06, 2019-

Sipi, also known as imitation leather, is a kind of synthetic leather and artificial leather. Its surface is coated with smooth and beautiful, and the hand feels good. Compared with cowhide, the surface is difficult to distinguish. However, the inherent quality of Xipi is very different. Poor quality Xipi is not as good as PU and environmental protection leather. Good quality is similar to microfiber leather. Some high-grade Xipi can even be used in aviation seats.


Maintenance of Sipi:

1. Indoor ventilation is very important. It is necessary to ensure the indoor ventilation, whether it is dry or wet, it will accelerate the aging of leather. So often ventilate the room.

2. Do not place leather sofas in direct sunlight. Radiation from the sun will increase the temperature of the leather, which will cause oils to volatilize, reduce humidity, reduce elasticity, and cause cracking. It can also cause discoloration of colored leather, making the sofa unsightly.

3, leather sofa to avoid exposure to high temperatures. Winter leather sofas should leave indoor heating facilities. Leather sofas should be kept away from high temperatures. Also don't put it in the place where the air conditioner blows directly, this will make the leather surface hard.

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