What Kind Of Material Is Used In The Hotel Bathroom?

- Nov 15, 2019-

1、Copper: Generally, the towel racks are made of copper. The copper material has a strong stability, high density, heavy weight, high ductility and high plasticity. It can be used for various design. This is why Dilang Most of the bathroom accessories are made of high quality copper. Towel racks made of copper are usually coated with a layer of metallic chrome, bright, waterproof, and rust-proof. However, it also requires daily maintenance. When it is in contact with water vapor for a long time, the use of inferior copper with high impurities will also grow "copper green".


2、Zinc alloy: Zinc alloy material is used more in door lock hardware. The material can be used as a variety of zinc alloys: zinc alloy material is used more in door lock hardware. The material can be used in a variety of colors, various styles, and styles. There are also many choices in terms of aspect. The biggest weakness is that the material is brittle and will have a little rust on time. Color, a variety of styles, and styles also have more choices, the biggest weakness is: the material is more brittle, the time will be a bit rusty.


3、Stainless steel: stainless steel is also the material of the common towel rack. The material of stainless steel is limited, the ductility and plasticity are not high, so there are not many styles, and there are many kinds of stainless steel on the market. The low-grade stainless steel will rust and it is difficult for consumers. From the surface to determine whether it is good stainless steel, it is very difficult to choose the material above 304, and the price is high.


4、Space aluminum material, the name of the sound is very scientific, the business propaganda will also be said to use the same "aluminum alloy" material as the space equipment, the so-called "space aluminum." However, only aluminum alloy materials are used in sanitary ware, which is quite different from those used in aerospace equipment.


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