Why Do Furniture Use Ash Wood?

- Nov 29, 2019-

The ash solid wood furniture has large deformation, which is not suitable for making large pieces of solid wood furniture, but is often used to make small pieces of furniture. Large pieces of ash solid wood furniture are mostly made up of small pieces. Because of the lack of heartwood resistance to ash, white wood ash solid wood furniture is susceptible to powdered beetles and common furniture beetles. At the same time, ash solid wood furniture needs to be stored in a dry place.


Ash is a relatively common wood for us. Its material is slightly hard. The biggest feature is that the wood grain is clear and beautiful, with good corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, high toughness, good coloring performance and good decorative performance. In addition, the price of ash is relatively cheap. After brushing the oil, the color is relatively yellow. In addition, the decoration used in the past few years is generally used, so people always think that it is not high-grade and too cheesy; in fact, as long as careful processing, coarse grain is fine, full Showing the wood grain effect of ash, you can definitely create elegant and decorative effects.



Processing performance of ash: The processing performance of ash is good, it can be nailed, easy to process, with high toughness, and the screws and glue are well fixed.

Durability of ash: Xinmu has medium anti-penetration effect on anti-corrosion treatment agent, white wood (sapwood) has penetration, ash is very suitable for dry climate, its aging is very slight, and heartwood changes little.


Compared to ash, ash is tough and elastic, white or pink with pink. The appearance is similar to that of the European electric stove, and the color of the center of the wood varies from light brown to dark brown. The wood grain is obvious and coarse. Often used in luxury furniture, flooring, mouldings, fine woodwork, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. The biggest feature of ash wood panels is that they have a large and beautiful pattern, which exudes a natural Russian romantic feeling. The ash floor feels soft, even in the winter, it doesn't feel cold and daunting.


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