Apartment Balcony Aluminum U-Channel Glass Railing

Apartment Balcony Aluminum U-Channel Glass Railing

Today, the safety factor of laminated glass is getting higher and higher. Due to the stylish nature of glass, more and more balconies use glass railings for construction and decoration.
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Apartment Balcony 

Aluminum U-Channel Glass Railing

Glass railings In addition to glass, the most important component is the metal part of the fixed glass.

For reasons of safety, usability, rust resistance and aesthetics, we recommend the use of aluminum U-channels.

Let's take a look at the case below. In this case we are responsible for design, product supply and construction.

微信图片_20190806140435U-Channel Glass Railing

First of all, let's take a look at the installation video of the U-channel to let you know more about the assembly process of the product.

Do you understand the above video? The installation is very simple, but it requires the cooperation of professional products to have this effect. And this is why CXD can help you, please trust professional!

Let us look at the picture above again. On the left is the scene where the aluminum U-shaped channel is installed. On the right is the actual effect after installation.

Do you feel beautiful? Want to know more, please continue to look down.

Our aluminum U-channels have passed European test standards and meet safety requirements.

The picture below shows the details of the aluminum U-channel mounting glass so that it is clear to see the structure and easy to understand the ease of installation.

微信图片_20190806140440U-Channel Glass Railing

For the glass part of the glass railing, we recommend the use of laminated glass and PVB as the interlayer; as long as the design is safe thickness, a single layer of glass can be used. The aluminum U channel can be selected according to the thickness of the glass as shown below.

The standard dimensions in the drawings are consistent with the actual objects.

Apartment Balcony Aluminum U-Channel Glass Railing

Aluminum U-channel are available in a variety of sizes and sizes, and we can also customize them to suit the design.

Now we introduce the following two frequently used recommendations. Our customers are recommended to other customers after use.

Apartment Balcony Aluminum U-Channel Glass Railing微信图片_20190806140432

Every metre of the product is equipped with suitable accessories for the user to install.

And that's all we use when we're responsible for the installation.

This product has been used in the Cebu Ocean Park project. This part of the glass railing, glass and aluminum U-channel are provided by our CXD.

We are a one-stop service provider for hotels/apartments, including on-site measurements, product customization, installation and more.

Welcome to consult.

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