Aluminum Plate Engraving Classical Indoor And Outdoor Decorative Mural

Aluminum Plate Engraving Classical Indoor And Outdoor Decorative Mural

Murals have always been an important part of home decoration. Today's murals generally have several categories, classical, modern, abstract, embossed, etc. The main role of murals is to reflect the decorative style and define the personality and artistic preferences of the owner.
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Aluminum Plate Engraving Classical Indoor 

And Outdoor Decorative Mural

When choosing mural decoration, it is necessary to combine individual requirements. For example, the overall style is mature and stable. Generally, you should choose a dignified and rich oil painting or Chinese traditional painting, inscription, etc. If the style is young and fashionable, the choice of mural painting will be You should move closer to light tones, abstraction, fashion, and personality. You can choose some works without borders and modern consciousness.

Indoor Outdoor Decorative Mural


The compression space defines the free development of the embossed space. Under the background background, the sense of solidity of the round sculpture is weakened, and the virtual and illusion in painting and perspective are more adopted and used for performance purposes. Compared with the round sculpture, the relief mainly deals with the relationship between space and form according to the principle of painting. However, in the pursuit of the central image of aesthetic imagery, the relief and the round sculpture are completely identical, and the different forms of manipulation show only some appearance characteristics.

Indoor Outdoor Decorative Mural


As one of the types of sculpture art, relief firstly shows the general characteristics of sculpture art, that is, its aesthetic effect not only appeals to vision but also touch. At the same time, it can make good use of the advantages of painting art in composition, subject matter and spatial processing, and express the content and objects that can not be expressed by the sculpture, such as the background and environment of events and characters, and the continuity and turning of the festival. , free switching between different time and space perspectives, interspersed and overlapping of complex and diverse things.



The carving and shaping on the plane allows the relief to combine the technical advantages of sculpture and painting to maintain the diversity and diversity of the techniques. The perspective reduction in the two-dimensional space, the background of the image of the main body is depicted or virtualized, so that the shaping language of the relief is more narrative than other sculptures, especially round sculptures, without losing the expressiveness of the general sculpture.



Focus on quality, CNC engraving, laser cutting, accurate, good quality.



User-friendly customization, more meaningful changes, custom-made elegance.



The pursuit of the success or failure of the details, precision processing, vivid and beautiful.



Durable, not easy to deform, vacuum plating does not fade.



We provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, professional advice, program customization, transportation and so on. All of these are to fulfill your needs , to make you assured and satisfied.


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