Stainless Steel Decorative Panel In The Hotel Lobby

Stainless Steel Decorative Panel In The Hotel Lobby

The stainless steel background wall is one of the many image wall designs, mainly made of stainless steel as the bottom plate, and is further processed on the basis of this. Its advanced technology not only satisfies the needs of consumers' decoration and decoration, but also reflects the temperament of art. The perfect combination of product business and art has become the main product of the wall.
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The vacuum plating coating layer has a stronger bonding force with the surface of the workpiece, the hardness of the film layer is high, the wear resistance and the corrosion resistance are good, the performance of the film layer is also stable, and the vacuum plating coating film does not produce toxic or polluting substances.



Mainly used for decoration, can be decorated in hotels, KTV, elevators, furniture, security doors, aerospace equipment, lighting, architectural decoration and so on.



It is easy to clean surface stains, no metal cleaning agent is needed, and some chemical preparations will make the stainless steel surface black; and it is not easy to stick to fingerprints, dust, delicate hand feeling, and has superior fingerprint and anti-fouling effect.



High hardness, not easy to peel, powder, yellowing and so on.



The appearance is strong, oily and moist, and soft to the touch, retaining a good metal texture.



The formation of a protective film on the metal surface effectively blocks the external corrosion of the metal interior, and the service life is greatly prolonged.



The company has advanced machinery and equipment, imported slitting, coiling and slitting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, large bending machine, stainless steel surface treatment machine, providing customers with one-stop service.

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