Stainless Steel Partition Titanium Hollow Carved Lattice Glass Screen

Stainless Steel Partition Titanium Hollow Carved Lattice Glass Screen

With the change of living style, the scale of furniture has increased accordingly. The layout of the screen has a certain pattern. There are two modes of symmetry and asymmetry. Generally, the hall is in the middle of the screen, and the sides are There are four chairs opposite, or only two stools in front of the screen for the guest to sit. This is the main function of the ancient screen.
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The screen is an important piece of furniture in the room, often placed in a conspicuous position. Windshield and obstacles are the main functions of the screen.



The early function of the screen is the barrier, which can flexibly divide the space and have a certain orientation to the space.



Wind protection is one of the functions of the screen. In order to prevent moisture, the ventilation of the building is very good, but when the weather is cold in winter, the cold wind is very uncomfortable. At this time, the screen is placed on the air outlet as the movable wall, which can divert the wind direction.



In modern times, the main function of the screen has changed from the past practical function to the pure decorative function, which means that the screen as a visual language is directly placed in our living environment to play the role of embellishing the environment. The meaning of the picture has also changed from the past theme decoration to a purely constitutive and purely decorative decoration.



There is a kind of screen work in stage art which is used to arrange the stage space and draw the type of screen related to the stage background. It is called the stage screen for the time being, such as modern drama stage, modern dance stage, modern drama stage, TV stage, etc. They are used to divide the space.



The screen that decorates the stage background is also one of the important types of modern screens. It is clearly different from the screen walls and home screens in the public environment. The modern stage screen emphasizes the sense of the lens. On one stage, there can be several screens at the same time. Pay attention to the configuration of the front and back, and pay attention to the overall space composition of the stage.



Stainless steel partition has many advantages, because the material itself has the characteristics and advantages of this stainless steel, and its advantages are enough to make up for our lack of decoration!

That is, the elegance and chic, plus its effect, we have already created two senses of space visually, so that the natural room becomes bigger, there is no dissonance, no adjustment, and the appropriate color and corresponding The style, so that it does not blend into the whole space, there will not be a situation that seems to be incompatible with the surrounding.



Moisture proof, fireproof and anti-corrosion are all basic. The windshield is direct sunlight, and the ash is all its performance. The main thing is that it can produce a sense of beauty, harmony with the family, making the home look dull and full of vitality. But not so high-profile!



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