Stainless Steel Screen Partition Rose Gold Hollow Carving Hotel Flower Lattice Modern Metal

Stainless Steel Screen Partition Rose Gold Hollow Carving Hotel Flower Lattice Modern Metal

The open antique screens were made of wood at the beginning. Slowly, with the reduction of wood resources, we began to have hollowed out antique screens of other materials. Nowadays, the popular open-air antique screens have become three kinds. The material is a traditional solid wood openwork antique screen, one is a plate-type hollow antique screen, and the other is a stainless steel hollow antique screen. The stainless steel openwork antique screen can be so popular today, certainly because it has a unique place, so it is popular with people.
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Stainless steel hollow antique screens can be popular, naturally have their advantages, people found that stainless steel hollow antique screen has the advantage of not easy to rust, not easy to fade, not moldy, is a modern, simple style of people who choose hollow antique screens. Moreover, custom stainless steel hollow antique screens do not have to open the mold like a plate. Convenient and fast, the price is cheaper and more practical than the hollow antique screen of other materials.



The stainless steel openwork antique screen design and crafts are quite exquisite and no exaggeration, giving a quiet feeling. In today's increasingly advanced craftsmanship and design, the warmth has become another style of stainless steel openwork antique screens. The flexible design changes the traditional impression of metal hollow antique screen stereotypes, making the cold stainless steel openwork antique screens become intimate. Matching with wood, matching with leather, and fabric, it feels different and can be integrated with modern home.



The steel hollow antique screens are all in the form of steel, steel, steel and glass. Now, the all-steel antique screen has broken through the limitations of the process and has become an emerging trend. The design of the free and simple structural steel hollow antique screen has a large advantage, which coincides with the simple trend of the home, which may be the main factor for the steel hollow antique screen to become the new favorite.



Stainless steel material, strong and tough, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, long service life.



High temperature baking varnish, waterproof and corrosion resistant, strong stability, texture and luster.



Easy to clean, firm and reliable, waterproof and corrosion resistant, stable and durable.


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