Apartment Living Room Three Leather Sofa Combo

Apartment Living Room Three Leather Sofa Combo

This sofa combination is designed for the apartment. Apartment furniture needs to be simple and easy to use, this design is a good choice.
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Apartment Living Room 

Three Leather Sofa Combo

Modern furniture is rich in design, and the choice of each person varies according to personality hobbies.

Today we brought a design, I hope you like it.

The size of this three-seat sofa is 2080*900*900mm.

Fabrics can be made from leather and fabric, and come in a variety of colours.

Living Room Three Leather Sofa

Tea table, size is ∅600*H380 and ∅800*H380.

Marble or acrylic plates can be used on the surface of the table.

Metal brackets, in addition to the black color of the picture, can be made in other colors such as champagne gold. The material can be stainless steel or iron.


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We hope to meet your design and make your design a reality.


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