Room Leather Leisure Chair

Room Leather Leisure Chair

Can choose different leather Swivel chair design 200kg load capacity
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Room leather leisure chair

The living room needs different furniture for decoration, and in the choice of furniture, a seat with an independent ride feeling and a unique design will add a special visual sense to your space.

This is the leisure seat.

The design of the single sofa chair is used for the leisure seat, but in terms of design characteristics, this kind of leisure seat has a more sense of design, allowing you to better reflect the characteristics of modern furniture.


Independent space is its best location.


The wide-angle package range makes you feel very satisfied.

Relaxation and leisure are just like that, and this chair is provided for you with personality.

The chair is the best embodiment of home art. Usually, many designers have designed a chair to show their design features.

So,choosing a chair can also show your own personality. How would you choose?


The materials used in the production of this chair are the same as the chair above, but the design will be different. This is the rich choice that design brings.

The wrinkled leather makes the appearance of the look stand out without affecting the ride experience. Only high-quality leather materials can make this effect, because if the quality is not good, the friction caused by the wrinkles will be more severe and easy to damage.



The product starts from the details. Of course, our CXD products will pay attention to this consideration.

Furniture often looks the same, but why are there so many product quotations, and the quotations can vary a lot?

We are the role of a factory, and at the same time an experienced seller. In addition to the cost of product materials, the unit price of the product, the size of the factory, management, service, after-sales, etc. will change the unit price of the product.

So you can't just look at the quotation of the product alone, you need to understand the product and the operator behind the product from many aspects.

And CXD will be a high-quality choice for you. You read more of our other information, I believe you will understand.


Our products do not have too much publicity and decoration, only the real product quality and service attitude to customers.

In addition to conventional furniture, customized furniture is also our competitive advantage. We also focus on hotel furniture engineering and can provide you with one-stop service.

As long as you provide relevant hotel project information, we will first quote your project. After the quotation is appropriate, we will set up a team for your project one-on-one, so that you can complete the project easily.

For more information, please contact us.

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