Outdoor Balcony Outdoor Leisure Aluminum Table Chair Furniture

Outdoor Balcony Outdoor Leisure Aluminum Table Chair Furniture

This table and chair is made of aluminum alloy wood material, which can be placed in the open air environment for a long time. It is not afraid of wind, sun and rain, no rust, and durable.
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Outdoor Balcony Outdoor

 Leisure Aluminum Table Chair Furniture

Our company's aluminum alloy wood table and chairs are more focused on excellent quality.

Ensure that the table and chair are firm and firm, and the size and thickness of the aluminum alloy tube will not be reduced in order to save costs; in order to increase the durability of the wood, the anti-ultraviolet component is added to make it more durable in the outdoor.

Leisure Aluminum Table Chair


The aluminum frame of the table and chair is matched with the color of the wood

White aluminum frame with teak wood;

Black aluminum frame with black plastic wood;

Black aluminum frame with teak wood;

Silver aluminum frame with brown wood.

Leisure Aluminum Table Chair


The wood surface is not required to be painted. Generally wood needs to be treated with surface paint or water-based paint.

Plastic wood products can be maintenance-free. Wood generally needs to be maintained or painted in one year. In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is far below that of wood products.

Leisure Aluminum Table Chair


Black aluminum frame black plastic table and chairs .

Leisure Aluminum Table Chair


Plastic-wood composite products are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, polyolefin plastic and cellulose (straw, cotton stalk, wood powder, rice bran, etc.) after special processing and treatment is a new green environmental protection ideal material. Plastic wood material has the advantages of non-corrosion, no deformation, no fading, insect resistance, good fireproof performance, no cracking, and can be sawed and made into a convenient and maintenance-free. It not only has the characteristics of natural wood, but also offers a variety of colors upon request.

Leisure Aluminum Table Chair

We provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, professional advice, program customization, transportation and so on. All of these are to fulfill your needs , to make you assured and satisfied.


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