Nordic Modern Solid Wood Leather Leisure High Back Tiger Chair Single Armchair

Nordic Modern Solid Wood Leather Leisure High Back Tiger Chair Single Armchair

The tiger chair is a type of sofa that is loved by people. The American-style tiger chair made of leather or fabric has excellent comfort and can soothe people's physical and mental stress.
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Product Details

Leisure seats need a better design concept. This chair is integrated with the design of modern car seats. According to the human body curve, the design is radiant.



Visible shape, visible color, the only thing you can't see is the feeling of sitting. Each chair has been tested and improved several times, and it is highly comfortable.



Take you 360 ° to appreciate the chair.



The high-density sponge-filled cushion guarantees support while letting you feel fluffy and full, and it is not tired for a long time.




The circular three-dimensional backrest fits the human body design, reduces the pressure on the waist and back, and relieves fatigue.



Soft metal package frame, one-piece frame has high comfort, and metal material has better bearing capacity.



The legs of the lounge chair are made of ash solid wood, which is hard and durable.




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