Rubber Wood Children's Bunk Bed

Rubber Wood Children's Bunk Bed

Children's environmentally friendly high and low bed, all solid wood manufacturing, environmentally friendly water-based paint.
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Product Details

Children's environmentally friendly high and low bed.




  1. Hard material, good pressure resistance and stability.

  2. smooth cut surface, uniform structure, corrosion resistance, not easy to deform

  3. Dehydration of wood, insect and antiseptic

  4. Durable and long lasting



The steaming bed weighs about 1300 kg, and the good weighing ability provides a safe insomnia environment for the children to play.


The guardrail is raised and the spacing is tight, which ensures the safety of the child and determines the weighing effect and service life of the bed.



Increase the thick bed legs, raise the load-bearing capacity of the bed, and provide a safe environment for the children.



The bedside design is designed to facilitate ventilation and reduce the depression of the lower bunk child.





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